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It is inconvenient and unproductive to move equipment to bulk fuel storage or send staff to pick up fuel. These activities all add to the total expense of your business. FillNow delivers fuel to your location.

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We dispense fuel through a mobile dispenser, which is governed by our specialized application, so you get billed only to the amount of fuel dispensed. Eliminates the malpractice and tie ups between vendors/technicians and Retail Outlets. Assurance of Q & Q of the product (as dispensed by the fuel station). Dispensing fuel only at authorized locations (verified by GPS)

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Relying on staffs and vendors to provide fuel consumption can be challenging. It is not unusual for fuel receipts to be lost, making it difficult for your administration staff. It can become very costly trying to track down or verify receipts. It is also possible to identify your DG fuel tank via RFID so that it is ensured that fuel has been delivered inside it.

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