SMART PETROL PUMP - Delivering Diesel eliminates the loopholes in the conventional method of refueling by catering fully automated On-Site refueling in stationary equipment. converts the highly unprofessional, unorganized way of carrying fuel to a very professional and organized way. On-site Refueling provides delivery of diesel at the location of the equipment (for eg. DGs) by our very robust On-Site Refueling Vehicle (OSRV) that can measure and deliver fuel as per customer needs.

Our Main USPs

Automatic receipt generation

After fueling your equipments, a receipt is generated automatically by our application containing all refueling data and parameters of DG. This data is also pushed to the central server on a real time basis so that the users can receive instant alerts/SMS

Instant Alerts

As soon as fuel is delivered, instant alert is triggered by our servers in form of SMS/Email.

Fuel dispensation by GPS check

We ensure that fuel is delivered only when our OSRV reaches the location. This is done by a complex mechanism of validating the actual location of the OSRV with that of the location of equipment.

Real Time Data Synchronization

As soon as receipt is generated, data is pushed to our servers on a real time basis. So, reports can be accessed almost instantly.

Multiple mode of raising demand

Request for fueling can be made in various ways such as through Mobile Apps, IVRS, web access and through integration of SMS controllers with DGs.

Think Big

It’s easy to run from challenges, and it’s far too convenient to blame constraints. So bring us the impossible, and let’s leave the simple to everyone else.



Eliminates the chances of theft/spills/ignition along the way. Fuel leaks, spills or contamination can be extremely costly for any company storing fuel at your work site. You no longer have responsibility for this when you use FillNow. It is safer for your people as they do not need to have direct contact with fuel, which means your environmental liability is reduced. Waste associated with leakage and contamination is eliminated.


It is inconvenient and unproductive to move equipment to bulk fuel storage or send staff to pick up fuel. These activities all add to the total expense of your business. FillNow delivers fuel to your location.


We dispense fuel through a mobile dispenser, which is governed by our specialized application, so you get billed only to the amount of fuel dispensed. Eliminates the malpractice and tie ups between vendors/technicians and Retail Outlets. Assurance of Q & Q of the product (as dispensed by the fuel station). Dispensing fuel only at authorized locations (verified by GPS)

Improve Control and Administration

Relying on staffs and vendors to provide fuel consumption can be challenging. It is not unusual for fuel receipts to be lost, making it difficult for your administration staff. It can become very costly trying to track down or verify receipts. It is also possible to identify your DG fuel tank via RFID so that it is ensured that fuel has been delivered inside it.


Each FillNow Refueller carries a specially designed controller to keep accurate record of fuel delivered. At each job site, our Duty Manager swipes a unique Location Card and the controller then automatically keeps track of the fuel delivered. You will receive daily statements on the amount of fuel dispensed on the previous day, including all the other detailing, such as DG Meter reading, PIU meter reading, EB meter reading etc. You can keep all records on your computer for compliance. You can also get alerts on real time basis. You can calculate per Genset consumption.

Prompt Delivery

We understand the costs associated with downtime of equipment waiting to be refueled. We promise to deliver fuel to your site promptly to minimize downtime.


Fuel is often one of the biggest expenses for a business. With FillNow, you will no longer incur the cost of bulk fuel storage. You pay only for the fuel you use and eliminate costs of holding fuel stock. You do not need your staff to be available to refuel so you can better utilize your resources.

  • Savings in man power and man hours
  • You can redirect your staff to do various other jobs.
  • Higher savings of man-hours: More Profits
  • Savings in vehicle cost employed for equipment fuel filling purpose.
  • Savings in pilferage occurred due to theft along the way.
  • Savings in false and over-billed manual receipts.
  • It is observed that businesses that choose Fill Now save up to 50% in operational costs.
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